Stitch & Knot is the result of my pleasure in creating unique items, handmade, using quality materials and fabrics, chosen with great care. The products are specially made for babies and children, but also to moms and dads. The idea came from the desire to, while being a recent mom, have some things for my baby more practical and different than what we can buy in big shops. And then, before my baby was born, I started doing at home what I would really like to have! So, why not do it for other babies, moms and dads?

Accessories for babies and children, for your home and even dolls & toys are some of Stitch & Knot products. The ideas are endless and so is the pleasure of bringing them to real life.

All products are handmade and you can find them in the online store. If you are looking for a special gift or you want to turn your child´s room a cozy and colorful place, Stitch & Knot will have what you are looking for.

See also our blog and facebook page to find out the news and know a bit more about me and my work.

If you are searching a specific item, wish Stitch & Knot would have a different type of product or just would like to make a suggestion, please  send an email to info@stitchandknot.com.

Hope you enjoy it!
Salomé W.

Porto, Portugal